Have you ever enjoyed paper toy theater? Have you ever seen the magic of pop up books? Have you ever collected little things when you were a child and consider the box that you kept them in – a tresure chest?

Well, TINT-O-RAMA tins have that familiar feeling in them. Almost like you owned them before, but you somehow lost them.

Sometimes for me they feel like all my memories, feelings or stories, are remembered than rearranged into something new. They are my secret treasure chests. Of memories of lost love, memories of a colorful childhood, a summer breeze on a favorite spot on the Earth, feelings of a true love, and beautiful friendships…

They are like little diorama theaters where I set the stage and let the actors tell a story.

They are all hand made. Materials I use are mostly paper and glue, and of course – empty sardine tin. :)

Approximate size of each tin is 11cm*6cm*4cm and they are all ‘sealed’ with a transparanet plexi glass to keep the dust away. Also they are all equiped with a 2cm triangular picture frame hook on the back.