Here, in TINT-O-RAMA, stories matter!

THE STORY is that magic thing, that special ingredient that holds all pieces together inside every special tin we make. Story is that feeling of connection between you and art. What it is, what you  see in it, and what it means to you. Place where your personal story and art you look at- perfectly intertwine.

Our life is also made of stories. And boy, how stories can be AMAZING!

Imagine all your life stories, long or even the shortest of them all, sad stories, and most happy ones, your funny memories, your serious thoughts, fantasiesall of them. Just name one of them, and you will already be there in the exact moment when that particular STORY revealed itself for the first time.

And now imagine those stories you wished to happen, but they were unreal, or they are far away in your childhood memory, so you cannot  reach it perfectly. TINT-O-RAMA tin is capturing exactly that kind of stories, because they are most interesting ones. Because they didn’t happen, but maybe they are waiting to!

Stories you will find in TINT-O-RAMA tins are sometime funny, sometime sad, nostalgic, corny, erotic, very erotic, surreal… And YES! they can be quite bizarre. And we like that! :)

First tin I made was intended as a gift to my wonderful colleague. I was planning to do something handmade, something funny, goofy even with a funny photo of her that I found on the internet.

At that moment in time I was repairing my computer (physically), and to keep that tiny screws of wandering around I put them in an empty sardine tin that I had for dinner. I was looking at the curves of a tin’s rim. It reminded me of a theater portal. And THE IDEA was born! somehow I put it together in a most primitive way I could, and there I had it – a perfect gift!

Couple of years after, I was thinking about it, and decided to try my luck in an artisan’s world of Rovinj, Croatia. I was starting to sell my souvenirs within an already acclaimed art shop and atelier  – Micica, St. Croce 26. TINT-O-RAMA was made official that summer! Soon after their ‘debut’ on a Rovinj art gallery scene, all major websites, magazines, fashion and design blogs and news portals in Croatia was writing about it, without me even trying hard to get into the news. I believed in them, and let them tell their story without me interfering.

And the story of TINT-O-Rama continues. Now you can find it in most amazing shops and art galleries in Rovinj, Dubrovnik, Novigrad, Hvar, even Amsterdam!

And as they grow with you, who knows which wonderful city or a story is patiently awaiting next?