My Name is Vladimir Tintor, and I am proud owner of

TINT-O-RAMA brand.

I felt that is my sweet duty to introduce myself to you, dear visitor. Also I would like to thank you for interest in my life and art.

Well, I am an actor living and working in Osijek, Croatia. Theater and acting is my life, I dedicated my life to that beautiful craft. But  I tend to try new stuff from time to time. That’s how TINT-O-RAMA came into play, as a new way to express myself.

While I was working on my first tins I have realized the more stories I tell the more I find myself in them. So as I am working on new tins I’m also getting to know myself. So I have learned that I am funny, sometime serious, a bit introvert, nostalgic, but mostly grateful on even smallest things that makes me happy and most importantly – peaceful.

The best way to really know me is through my art. If you start to follow it, you will most certainly get to know me better and better through the years. For now I can tell you that I like cooking, art, painting, renaissance, music… And I must say that I can’t wait to meet you.


So, drop me a line… :)

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